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Jan 12 2024

Norway begins 2024 with F-35 deployment to Iceland

KEFLAVIK, Iceland – Norway is deploying four of is F-35 fighter jets to Iceland providing an interceptor capability for NATO’s air surveillance mission in Iceland.
Norway conducts the first of three Allied fighter deployments to Iceland
scheduled in 2024
As of January 15, four F-35 fighter aircraft are scheduled to fly NATO Air Policing sorties out of Keflavík Air Base, Iceland, until mid-February. This is the fourth time Norway deploys their fifth-generation jets to this mission.

The Norwegian detachment conducts the first of three Allied fighter deployments to Iceland scheduled in 2024. Two Norwegian F-35s at Keflavík will be on stand-by 24/7 ready to scramble to safeguard NATO and international airspace near Iceland. Sorties will include training and alert scrambles e.g. to identify unknown aircraft as a legitimate response to maintain territorial integrity of the NATO Ally in the High North.

Norwegian detachment conducts the first of three Allied fighter deployments to Iceland scheduled in 2024. Archive photo by Olea Andreas Vekve.
The first Allied fighter deployment to Iceland in 2024 is the fourth time Norway sends their F-35s to support the NATO mission here. Archive photo by Torbjorn Kjosvold.
The 120-strong Norwegian detachment includes mission planners who work hand in glove with the Iceland Coast Guard personnel to ensure a safe mission execution. Archive photo by Ole Andreas Vekve.
The Norwegian detachment also includes their own Force Protection component that will secure the F-35s Keflavík Air Base, Iceland. Archive photo by Ole Andres Vekve.

Under NATO Air Policing arrangements, which are overseen by Allied Air Command at Ramstein, Germany, all Allies collectively contribute to the mission across the airspace in Europe. At home, the Royal Norwegian Air Force keeps a watchful eye on own and adjacent airspace. Their F-35s carry out this mission for NATO from Evenes Air Base, some 1400 kms north of Oslo, where they are ready to scramble 24/7/365.

Since 2008, NATO Allies have continuously deployed fighter aircraft to Iceland on a rotational basis to provide and train interceptors ensuring safety and security of the Icelandic airspace integrating the Ally in the High North into NATO Air Policing.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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