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May 16 2024

U.S., NATO demonstrate capacity during exercise Swift Response

RAMSTEIN, Germany – In combined and joint operations, Allies conducted airdrops from Romanian skies of thousands of paratroopers along NATO’s eastern flank during U.S.-led exercise Swift Response 24.

The manoeuvres demonstrated NATO members’ collective capabilities to swiftly respond to an attack on an Ally

Within the framework of NATO’s ongoing Steadfast Defender 24 series of exercise, forces from the France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain and United States participated in these air mobility demonstrations involving several thousand paratroopers jumping from U.S. C-17 as well as French and German A400M cargo aircraft.

U.S. C-17 Globemaster IIIs prepare to take off during exercise Swift Response 24 at Aviano Air Base, Italy, May 7, 2024. The deployment was conducted as an agile combat employment enabling U.S. forces in Europe to operate from various locations. Photo by Joseph Bartoszek.

German Army paratroops inside a German Air Force A400M during a night airdrop operation; using Night Vision Goggles during airmobile operations creates an additional challenge and needs to be regularly trained. Photo courtesy German Air Force.

French Army paratroops in front of a French Air Force A400M ready to embark the plane for an airdrop over Romania during  exercise Swift Response 2024. Photo courtesy French Air and Space Force .

A German Air Force A400M flying over Lake Balaton in Hungary during exercise Swift Response 2024. The aircraft is one of several Allied planes supporting force projection training along NATO's eastern flank. Photo courtesy German Air Force.
The manoeuvres demonstrated NATO members’ collective capabilities to swiftly respond to an attack on an Ally. Through rapid and massive force projection employing several Allies’ aircraft and Special Forces, the exercise simulated the protection of NATO territory on the eastern flank. The drills involved inserting these forces behind enemy lines to effectively prepare and support defensive operations. In total, 13,000 airborne troops participate in the month-long exercise that is conducted from the Baltics to the Balkans.

Exercise Swift Response 24 is a U.S.-led exercise aimed at showcasing U.S. capabilities and cooperation with NATO Allies. Linked to NATO’s Steadfast Defender it is a clear demonstration of Alliance determination and capacity to implement and execute the deterrence and defence across the Euro-Atlantic area.

The combined joint training activities validate that the Allies possess the capacity to execute Joint Forcible Entry operations and are able to decisively manoeuvre and gain advantage in a dynamic security environment.

The U.S. routinely and regularly conduct exercises with European Allies. The main objectives  of these exercise are to enhance interoperability among Allies improving joint operational capability across a variety of mission sets.

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

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