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Civilian employment

Please see below for vacancies and further information.


There are currently no vacancies.

How to apply

In order to view the full Headquarters Allied Air Command vacancy notice, please visit the NATO Career Portal.

Description of vocational training

No vocational training. This is an entrance level which might cover most junior clerical posts and junior C grade posts. This will also be appropriate for many A grade posts where degree-level education is required but no specific technical education.
Vocational training which might take up to one yar if conducted in-service but probably lasting 1-3 months, full time, e.g. work processing skills. May lead to a formal qualification. Most clerical/general administration posts will require this level of vocational training. Information technology (IT) skills for some finance and linguistic posts may attract this level.
Training which might take more than one year on a part time basis but probably lasting 3-6 months on a full time basis. Usually leads to a formal qualification. Most B grade technical posts in CIS will require this level of vocational training as a minimum.
Vocational training which takes more than one year on a part time basis but probably lasting 6-18 months on a full time basis. This level of training almost always leads to some form of technical or professional certification, e.g. computer programmer.
This vocational training is almost always full time and leads to a professional qualification. It lasts for one academic year or more, e.g. accountancy training, interpreter training, teacher training, some forms of professional engineer training. This may also apply to a few senior (A or B grade) technical/engineering/scientific posts where the requirement is not necessarily for a degree but for a high level of technical training.

Language testing

Non-serving shortlisted candidates may be subject to formal tests on essential and/or desirable proficiencies in NATO's official languages, i.e. English and French (only in non-mother-tongue). Rarely, candidates will also be tested in the host nation language (German).
Level 1 Elementary
Level 2 Fair (limited working)
Level 3 Good (minimum professional)
Level 4 Very Good (full professional)
Level 5 Excellent (native speaker/bilingual)

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