The Allied Air Command Crest

The Headquarters Allied Air Command Badge and Insignia

The blue shield signifies air power and features the sword of Emperor Charlemagne (Charles the Great, 747 - 814), who first united the greater part of Europe in his days. This heraldic device is carried through all official symbology of NATO’s European Northern Region.
In the upper right corner the NATO compass rose is depicted. The one stylised aircraft in the left-hand corner portrays air power. It is borne on the upward swing of two contrails, symbolising the amalgamation of HQ AIRNORTHWEST and HQ AIRCENT into Allied Command Europe’s (ACE’s) Northern Region Air Component Command, HQ AIRNORTH.
From the day of flag raising of the new HQ AIRNORTH, March 3rd, 2000, it replaced the HQ AIRCENT and HQ AIRNORTHWEST insignia.
Renamed Headquarters Allied Air Command as of 1 January 2013, NATO’s Air and Space headquarters at Ramstein Air Base will retain the official crest of its several predecessor headquarters indicating its long and well-established tradition in NATO Air Power.
The HQ Allied Air Command Badge and Insignia have been reproduced both as metal insignia and as a cloth badge. All military personnel assigned to HQ Allied Air Command and its national support units are authorised to wear the badge and insignia to their uniforms.

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