Conditions of Internship

Interns will be provided with a monthly lump sum of approximately € 1100 (German pay scales). If the applicant applies for and is accepted at one of AIRCOM’s locations (Ramstein and Uedem in Germany, Poggio Renatico in Italy or Torrejon in Spain), the lump sum will be adjusted in accordance with the pay scales of that country. It is the intern’s own responsibility to declare this income to the relevant tax authorities, if appropriate. Arrangements for travel, visas, and accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of the intern. Interns may also receive emoluments from outside sources (such as scholarships or grants) during their internship.
Interns are required to have their own social insurance coverage, including healthcare, on joining AIRCOM and must provide documentary evidence of such.
Full details of the AIRCOM Internship Programme can be seen in the attached directive.

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