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Allied Air Command Exercises

2019 exercise schedule (AIRCOM delivered or supported).
BOLD BLUEPRINT – 1-30 April –Based on advanced planning, this exercise takes place in the Netherlands and allows all entities engaged to take part in the revision and execution of advance planning as well as allowing them to familiarise and analyse different aspects of the military planning process.

STEADFAST APPROVAL II 19 – 1 Apr- 5 May –Steadfast Approval II is an operational evaluation of new air command and control systems (ACCS) prior to transition to NATO integrated air and missile defence systems.

- 8 – 19 May – This exercise represents the largest maritime NATO Integrated Air Defence and Missile Defence (IAMD) Live Exercise (LIVEX) in 2019, exercising the NATO IAMD through the latest deliveries of NATO Battle Management Command, Control, Communication and intelligence within the Supreme Allied Commander For Europe’s (SACEUR) areas of responsibility.

CMX 19 – 9-15 - May – In this event-driven crisis management exercise, the Alliance will rehearse and test its consultation and decision-making procedures at the strategic political-military level.

RAMSTEIN GUARD 4 19 – 4 Apr-4 Sep 19 – The NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme is a means to exercise the NATO-designated regional elements of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System conducted through CAOC’s (Combined Air Operations Centre)  Uedem and Torrejon, whilst also including some national systems and assets. It is designed to train Ramstein and subordinate units on the reporting/coordination requirements, whilst exposing them to a wide variety of electronic warfare tactics in a controlled environment.

STEADFAST ARMOUR 19 – 15-27 Apr – Run from Allied Air Command, this exercise features participants from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. It focuses on training within the area of Ballistic Missile Defence from the political to tactical level.

RAMSTEIN AMBITION - 29 Apr-10 May – This exercise trains the Joint Air Force Component Headquarters’ (JFAC HQ) ability to command and control an air-heavy joint operation.  The JFAC HQ can be specially tailored based on the requirements of the mission, this helps to exercise interoperability with land and maritime forces in a simulated kinetic environment.

RAMSTEIN ALLOY – 16-17 April, 24-26 June and 17-19 Sep – The Ramstein Alloy series promotes NATO and Partner nation coordination and enhances relationships between air forces in the region to help develop interoperability by exercising rotational Baltic Air Policing, Quick Reaction Alert Intercept and regional partner air forces in pertinent tactics, techniques and procedures. They will promote interoperability, coordination and work with partners Finland and Sweden.

NOBLE JUMP - 24-31 May, 1-14 Jun –The first, table-top phase of this exercise will test the activation, deployment planning and readiness of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force 19. This exercise will activate the overall NRF and forces moving from their home stations to their points of embarkation. The second, live portion, starting on 1 June, will test the deployment of elements of the VJTF and the role of NATO Force Integration Units. An exercise in the land, maritime and air domains, Noble Jump will test interoperability and command and control. Poland.

TOBRUQ LEGACY 19 – CAOC UE – 3-28 Jun – Exercises the multinational SBAD task force in a live exercise environment, held in Poland. This exercise will set up, train and exercise multinational Surface-Based Air and Missile Defence. It will involve roughly 3500 personnel from 19 Allies.

BALTOPS 19 - 3-22 Jun – The US-led BALTIC OPERATIONS (BALTOPS) exercise is a long-running annual maritime event that has played a significant role in enhancing cooperation and partnership in the Baltic Sea. For Allied Air Command, BALTOPS is a significant opportunity to integrate/interoperate NATO and Partner nation airpower within a maritime-focused exercise. BALTOPS flying activities during BALTOPS are controlled by CAOC Uedem.

STEADFAST COBALT – 20 May-2 Jun – Exercise Steadfast Cobalt is held in Romania and provides evaluation opportunities that test and enhance all elements of the NATO Communications and Information Systems Group (NCISG) command and control structure in support of the enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF). Using exercise scenarios and intensive planned activities, all military communication enablers will work through a challenging programme that will support mission command.

ARCTIC CHALLENGE 19 – 22 May- 30 Jun – Is a northern Scandinavian (NOR, FIN, SWE) exercise conducted every second year that focuses on combined air operations in a cross-border training environment. Air space training area is shared amongst the three nations, this year it will be held in Sweden.

COALITION WARRIOR CWIX 19 – 10-27 Jun – The Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX) will be at the Joint Forces Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The event provides a unique venue that allows systems and network engineers to come together to solve existing interoperability issues and explore and share potential solutions in anticipation of future operations and budget constraints.

NOBLE BONUS – 16-20 Sep – The primary focus of the exercise is to certify Joint Force Command Naples’ ability to mount and deploy the Operational Liaison Reconnaissance Team as well as familiarize staff members with operational procedures.

TRIDENT JACKAL – 23 Sep-10 Oct – A table-top exercise that will train, evaluate and support the certification of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Spain as a Joint Task Force Headquarters to plan and conduct small, non-Article 5 operations against insurgents, mainly on land and in the cyber domain. Norway ,Spain

RAMSTEIN DUST 19 – 2-20 Sep and 11-12 Dec – The Deployable Air Control Centre Recognised Air Picture Production Centre Sensor Fusion Post (DARS) will exercise in a simulated NATO-approved operation being able to control air missions including Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM) Control and Air Traffic, being able to provide area air surveillance and producing recognised air pictures, as well as being able to execute other tactical control functions under the control of a Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) or independently.  The exercise is linked to the Romanian Surface-Based Air Defence live-firing exercise ISTRIA-II719; DARS will support the evaluation process of that exercise.

TRIDENT JUPITER – 5-14 Nov – This is an Article 5 high-intensity operation command post exercise to train and evaluate NATO Response Force 20 planning and conducting a force entry operation involving appropriate regional NATO Command and Control functions.  Its purpose is to also enhance NATO’s responsiveness within its North-Eastern area of responsibility whilst practicing deployment and operational arrangements with host nations and other NATO units.

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