Tactical Evaluations

 Soldiers during an evaluation of German Air and Missile Defence units conducted by the Allied Air Command EVALS Division. Photo by Dominik Fischer
The Evaluation and Standards Division (EVALS) is responsible for the conduct of evaluations under the Allied Command Operations (ACO) Tactical Evaluations (TACEVAL) Programme.  As such, EVALS evaluates and rates, against prescribed requirements and standards, the operational combat readiness and the capabilities of tactical air forces for SACEUR. In addition, the programme supports the certification of NRF air forces, the affirmation process of New Member Nations’ forces and the evaluations of Partner Nations.  

Other aims of TACEVAL programme are to highlight strong points of evaluated forces, sharing best Tactics, Techniques and Procedures amongst allies and to identify areas of concern, making appropriate recommendations.  The continuous and reactive adaptation of evaluations to new scenarios and area of risks ensures the declared forces can execute the best in preparation for future operations.

Throughout detailed and structured reports, EVALS provides HQ AIRCOM knowledge on assets to employ in operations and structured feedback that enables Nations to meet their declarations to NATO.

The professionalism and credibility make the TACEVAL programme one of the most effective "Risk Management Tools” for Commanders.

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