Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón

Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Torrejón is headquartered at the Torrejón Air Force Base, north of Madrid, Spain.  The primary mission of CAOC Torrejón is to plan, direct, coordinate, monitor, analyse and report on the operations of Air Policing means assigned to it in peace time, following the directives of NATO’s Allied Air Command.  It also maintains the ability to deploy its staff to contribute to the NATO crisis and conflict management structure. CAOC Torrejón is headquartered at the Torrejón Air Force Base, north of Madrid, Spain. 

Commander CAOC Torrejón Lieutenant General Ruben Servert
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At the Lisbon Summit in 2010, Heads of State and Government agreed to implement the Alliance's new strategic concept for NATO that would serve as a roadmap for the organisation for the next ten years. During the meeting of Defence Ministers in June 2011, the Secretary General of NATO proposed a new command structure and geographical distribution of the Alliance Headquarters. This structure left NATO with two CAOCs, CAOC Uedem in Germany responsible for the North and CAOC Torrejón in Spain, for the South, under one Air Command located at Ramstein, Germany.

Since early 2013, CAOC Torrejón has executed it’s joint airspace surveillance mission, integrating Alliance members' Radars, Control & Reporting Centers and Alert Aircrafts under its tactical command. CAOC Torrejón comprises 185 personnel from 16 different nations and hosts a NATO Communications and Information Agency detachment. It is structured into two main branches. 

The Deployable branch includes the instruction, intelligence, combat plans and operations divisions.  The static branch is responsible for achieving the primary mission of Air Policing within NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense System. 

     Deputy Commander CAOC Torrejón Brigadier General Panagiotis Dimopoulos,
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